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We are committed to bringing quality music to Albuquerque inspiring musicians young and old to perform their craft. Thank you for visiting our site.

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About Us

What We Do

ChamberCHOPS provides an outlet for advanced local musicians in the Albuquerque area to perfect their art and perform in partnership with other like-minded musicians. Our musicians have played together in groups as small as trios all the way up to ensembles of ten. To date, we have not used a conductor but prefer to work cooperatively within the groups to perfect the music. Each ensemble size comes with its own challenge. It is very rewarding to hear how the cooperative effort comes together for a quality performance in each concert. We offer four free concerts throughout the year to our community in order to make engagement in the arts accessible to all.  We also “take our shows on the road” to senior communities and for other special events in schools and throughout the Albuquerque community.  Oh, and we make sure to have a lot of fun!

How We Do It

First and foremost, ChamberCHOPS welcomes you and your family to attend our free concerts in Albuquerque throughout the year. We also welcome you to give us feedback on those concerts and suggest music that you would like to hear at a future performance.  For those who are able, we welcome and greatly appreciate any financial support, regardless of the amount.  Your donations help us cover venue, music and website costs as well as other operating and performance expenses. Your financial support ensures that our concerts remain free so that individuals and families of all ages in the Albuquerque area are able to access quality live classical music concerts without straining their budgets. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.   Are you interested in volunteering your time?  If you have particular skills or can offer professional services for free or at a discount, or if you want to hand out programs or announce a concert, please let us know! Contact us at… 


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